JoshUA Pierce

Joshua Pierce is the co-founder of Off-Grid Electric, a San Francisco clean energy startup that has created an all-in-one solar/battery system for people living off the grid in developing countries.   In the 1970s, Joshua's father moved his family from the coast of Southern California to an off-the-grid home in the "rattlesnake and cougar infested" foothills of the Sierra Nevada.    That is where Joshua first learned about off the grid living.   He helped his father build a passive solar home and later install solar panels.   Joshua parlayed that experience into a first career as a home builder.   As time went by, Joshua became an authority on green home building.   In 2010, Joshua took his family to Tanzania to learn about what technological solution would best fit the needs of people in Africa living off the grid.   Then in 2011 he co-founded Off Grid Electric which has sold these systems to hundreds of thousands of families and businesses in Africa.   Joshua's dad's last words to him were "Be strong, be of service", and Joshua has certainly fulfilled his dying father's last wishes.